Cultivating Sexual Energy: A Woman's Perspective

We have the ability to revitalize and refine our Sexual Energy,
To increase and transform it into my Life Force,
Capable of Healing, Evolving, and Connecting us with the very Source of Life itself.

-Richard Anton Diaz
(Certified Teacher with Master Mantak Chia)


Cultivating Sexual Energy: The Foundation

Part One: Solo Cultivation 

Cultivation of Sexual energy as practiced in Ancient China, provided trainings that promoted overall health, longevity, and spiritual well-being. 

These practices, when applied today in our modern culture, provide the most complete path in integrating our sexual energy with every aspect of of our lives.

In this training you will learn the theory and practice of Generating sexual energy, Redirecting & Circulating it within the body, and finally, Refining and Storing sexual energy back into the body. 

       What you learn with this Training:

  • Health Protocols for Sexual¬†Energy & Vitality
  • Safely Grounding¬†Sexual Energy in¬†your Body
  • Emotional Balancing & Management¬†
  • Connecting the Sexual Center¬†to the Brain¬†
  • Utiliziing Arousal & Non-Arousal Sexual Energy
  • Non-Arousal Orgasm¬†Activation
  • Redirecting,¬†Refining & Recycling, Sexual Energy
  • Expanding and Containing¬†Sexual Energy
  • Storing Sexual Energy back into¬†the¬†Body
  • Achieving the Stages 1 - 4 of Valley Orgasm



Part Two: Dual Cultivation

Dual (or partnered) sexual energy cultivation emphasizes the interaction of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies with a partner.

In this training you will learn the theory and practice of cultivating sexual energy with a partner, together, expanding rather than extinguishing the orgasmic sexual energy.


 What you learn with this Training:

  • Exchanging Sexual¬†Energy through the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Adhering to Key¬†Guidelines¬†for Practicing these trainings with a Partner

  • Able to observe and respond to the Women's Nine Levels of¬† Orgasm

  • Building¬†Orgasmic¬†Expansion¬†as the Man

  • Using Sexual Reflexology in Love making

  • ¬†Healing Ailments through Sexual Positions¬†

  • Achieving the Stages 5-6 of Valley Orgasm

  • Serving the Goddess as a God.

NOTE: There is no nudity or any form sexual contact but media materials may be shown for teaching purposes.
Practices are learned in class and practiced privately at home.


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